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Our custom design services are created to be cost-effective and produce stunning results for the new and reemerging business. With 10 years design experience, we kept the important parts of the process that add clarity and created brands that last, and got rid of the steps that were not producing. The result is affordable, bespoke design, that is a brand you can build on for years to come.


From the Highly Anticipated Blog (Just a peek, more, COMING SOON)

Bigger or Better

  Have you heard the story of the man who made a series of trades from a red paper clip to a house in two years? We all barter and trade skills, items, services, and cash. This is one woman's experiment to show her eight-year-old son how he can play a role in...

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Are You My Client? Part 1

Welcome to a three part series, Are you my Client? Dedicated to the powerful idea of designing your business around who you want to work with, and who will make your business profitable. At Highly Anticipated, we can bank on two powerful questions to drive design:...

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I am hoping you have been delighted by a business recently. Think back to the last time you silently said to yourself “Oh, that is nice.” Was it the foam art in your cappuccino at a new coffee shop? Maybe it was the nice folder presentation of all your financial...

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Millennials at Work: Opportunities!

What is a Millennial, and why are they so…different? Here one Millennial explores the social changes that have led to this powerful group’s consumer and work habits, and reveals the opportunities for your business. "Kid's these days," said every man and woman over 40,...

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