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Build a Powerful Real Estate Brand


— a course designed to help you finally craft a real estate brand and rock social media.

This course was made for you, especially if you’ve been held back by fear, indecision, and confusion about what to post, how often, and what works when branding and marketing homes.


Nothing is more gut-wrenching than feeling confident in your career and what you offer, to run into a lack of inspiration when marketing yourself as the brilliant real estate agent that you are.

Hi, I’m Lacey Jayne and, as an entrepreneur myself and the founder of Highly Anticipated Graphic Design and Websites, this frustration is close to my heart.

After hearing from countless real estate agents with the same problem, I wanted to help. I discovered most real estate agents, regardless of years in the business, struggle with these three things:

Describing themselves apart from other agents

genuinely, and without alienating markets that DO want to work with

Using a Website for Lead Generation

and the most hard-working member of your team

Showing up on social media consistently

with something brilliant to say, and a message that generates leads

You’re about to learn the exact how-to, of building an authentic and powerful real estate brand, along with all the design support and coaching you need for three months— this gives you the best possible chance for success.

What You’ll Get

This is NOT an online course. Brand a Powerful Real Estate Brand is a one-on-one, business owner to designer, crafting a strategic plan with done-for-you designs. Here is our plan:

Articulate your vision into a UNIQUE Real Estate brand
Design around your voice and interests
Take strategic, consistent action
Turn your real estate dream into a profitable reality

personal BRAND consultation

Highly Anticipated’s process for bringing out a genuine and profitable brand, can be arranged in-person (Seattle area) or on Zoom

custom LOGO design

custom brand board for CANVA

colors, fonts, and templates will be loaded into a folder just for your brand

listing presentation design

wordpress website design

does not include domain, hosting, or connection to MLS

business card design

flyer & postcard templates

just listed, just sold, and market report mailers

facebook marketing plan

instagram marketing plan

youtube marketing plan

There are two specific outcomes we’re focused in the The Real Estate Brand Design Package:


Consistant and amazing brand design based on your personality and insight


Developing content that doesn’t exhaust you to make, and generates real estate leads

What you won’t get

In The Real Estate Design Package, we do not cover the cost of printing, or additional marketing costs like magazine ads, facebook ads, and the likes. You will also need to use your own subscription of to access all the design resources without Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop.

At the end of the three months, you own all the designs created for your business and you are encouraged to use them over and over again. Many real estate brokerages offer excellent design support and we can work together to make the transition as seamless as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens at the end of three months?

At the end of these three months you will have everything you need as a real estate agent to market yourself and your listings.

Because everything we created over the last three months belongs to you; you can continue producing content yourself or even hand it over to a marketing assistant.

While Highly Anticipated will always be around to answer questions and troubleshoot, my value is in getting brands going and then handing over the reigns.

If I am unhappy, can I get a refund?

Highly Anticipated does not issue refunds for work that already been done.

All contracts are month to month, so if you are unhappy with the work than we cancel our partnership. You keep what you paid for.

If you have paid the three months in advance, you will be refunded the remainding full months.

Sounds, fair right? I’m really happy to say I have never been asked for a refund.