Three60 Law Firm LLC is a brand-new law firm coming to Bellevue, Washington in November 2017. Taking a 360-degree view means seeing something from all sides. Your values, family, and estate planning goals are complex, and helping you achieve those goals requires a full-circle approach. Three60 Law Group provides holistic, team-based estate planning centered firmly around what is most important to you.

innovation, minimalism

Brand Design

Three60 Law Group is defined by their unique Estate Planning philosophy which advocates a client focused team approach. The term “Three60” is borrowed from the technology industry, meaning a client-centric whole view approach.

Print Design

Three60 Law Group began actively promoting the launch of the new firm by attending legal conferences, community events and networking.

Website Design

We designed this clean, easy to navigate site to be accessible on a variety of devices while allowing the owners the ability to add content and build SEO value.

Social Media Design

The team at Three60 Law Group knew they wanted social media interaction to be a large part of how they serve and position themselves as a trusted resource in the community. From the beginning Three60 had a plan to actively engage a community around complex estate planning matters.