Photo Credit: Mathias Reed

I am a professional butterfly catcher. An entrepreneur.

Ideas flutter about like mythical creatures, swarming bright and curious minds. They tease, “Can you catch me?”

The Hunter is excited. Delighted by the treasures the butterfly can have, and beaten down by the prospect of making this one their own.

“You can only have one “big” butterfly.” They said. But I know this is false because I have been hunting butterflies my whole life.

“It’s hard to catch a butterfly, you have to sacrifice, and slave, and work super hard.” This too keeps hunter’s away from the beautiful swarm.

But the butterflies have taken a liking to me. Other hunters bring their swarm to me to help pick the right one. I whisper into their tiny vibrations sweet nothings about creation and honor their presence. They land on my shoulder. Convinced to stay for a bit, or, as long as I keep my promise.

Some fly away, perhaps, to better promises. And, some butterflies linger. Some beat your skin with razor wings until you are forced to pay attention. I have even seen butterflies stolen by unkind hunters.

Do you know how to scare butterflies? You ignore them. You fear their presence. They lose all their magic when you doubt their ability. The butterfly always chooses the hunter.

How do you nurture a butterfly? Honor these sweet gifts. Invite others to witness the winged beauty. These butterflies ache to be known and appreciated. They long to make a difference.

This is how you catch butterflies. Allow yourself to be caught.