Tip #2 Help other agents MARKET

There is an incredible amount of goodwill that is developed and also the opportunity to capitalize on social proof of your work. Seek out agents who you respect, and have an audience. Then do the following:

Like their posts on social media.

Give a glowing review on Linkedin, Facebook, Yelp or Google+ (This will get you on their radar quick!)

Email or direct message them to congratulate them on new listings, just solds. If you are a new agent or have the desire for more buyers, offer to host an open house for them. Bonus points if you have a flyer about how you host open houses with your unique flair.

Why bother? They are your competition, right?

Building a network is crazy important. There are Four tiers of social proof of competency:

Four Tiers of Social Proof of Competency (how good is this person?)

Tier 1 — Client has already experienced how amazing you are

Tier 2 — A close friend or respected colleague recommended¬†you

Tier 3 — A random person recommends you (like a testimonial)

Tier 4 — You promote yourself by association or evidence of competency #hustle

We are all going for Tier One! However, we can’t control Tier 1 or Tier 2. We can sometimes control Tier 3 by freely giving to others the same, which is what we are doing with reviewing and supporting other agents, but we are also saying that we know what is going on in the industry and who is good, which accomplishes Tier Four.

When we help other (great) agents market, we are keeping our Tier One and Tier Two social proof, and also working on our base of Tier 3 and Tier 4.

Now, get out there and start reviewing and supporting. 

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