A Skittle falls to your kitchen floor and pick it up and pop it into your mouth.

Five-second rule!

Well, Highly Anticipated’s five-minute rule isn’t anything like that, however, it affords clients a resource to get changes made to their design or website without having to worry about being charged.

Here is the gist of it: If you are a current or former client of Highly Anticipated and you need a file, want to update an address on your site, or want a new file size, if it takes me less than five minutes to complete you will not be charged!

Not sure if it’ll take me less than five minutes? Here are some sample tasks that I can take care of for you:

I have a presentation and need my logo in a large JPG!

My new blog post isn’t showing up on my website, what’s wrong?

Can you add our Seattle phone number to the letterhead?

Email me with any questions.

If your project takes longer than five minutes, I am available hourly to current or previous clients exclusively. So let me know if you need a blog post published, a security update, a few new social media graphics, or some sweet marketing materials.

Highly Anticipated offers free five-minute design tasks to previous clients. Really.


Lacey Jayne Portrait

Hello! I’m Lacey, and this is Highly Anticipated. I’ve been working with businesses since 2015, creating a marketing strategy, design and websites. While I work with a lot of small law firms, my services are ideal for professionals such as coaches, accountants, financial professionals, and real estate agents.