5 Tips to Get Started Blogging!

Jan 3, 2020 | Business

Blogging is so NOT dead in 2020!

However, the way that business owners are using blogs is a bit different. In the past, business owners usually created blog posts to grab SEO points and build links to get a higher rank in search engines. Since SEO takes time to build is more of a long-term marketing strategy. Blogging can benefit your business in the short-term by providing useful information that can lure views away from social media and onto your website.

Let’s first tackle the size objection: A paragraph counts as a blog post and so does a much longer article.

If a blog post would help a potential client, current client, or past client: write that blog post!

With that out of the way, here are 5 Tips to Get Started Blogging

Tip #1: Write out a plan and set goals

A great place to start is to write down common questions a client has when they meet with you. Figure out how often you can commit to blogging and put it on your calendar.

Tip #2: Know who you are writing for

I like to have a specific client in mind when I’m writing posts, it reminds me of the level of understanding they have about my industry and how much I’ll need to explain in the post. When writing blog posts, I like to deep dive into a topic, and they are meant to be instructive, but friendly and easy to read and use.

Tip #3: Find an accountability partner

Blogging consistently is a habit that can be developed. But, like forming other habits, it helps to have someone to check-in with. Find an accountability partner to help you stick with your blogging goals.

Tip #4: Find great images

You’ll want to make sure that you have the right to use the images that you have in your business marketing tools. Your blog included. My go-to resource for non-cheezy blog images that are free to use is Unsplash.

After you’ve found the right image, you can put text on top using an online tool Canva.

Pro Tip: Make sure the ratio of your featured blog images is the same. In this blog the size is 560px x 315px. Other blogs I do 900px x 600px. You want these images to be compact so that it doesn’t slow down the website.

Tips #5: Find your champions

Share your blog posts on social media and with a group of friends or colleagues. Ask them to leave comments or to share with their audience.