Expanding Heart Tarot

Tarot Reader


Built a personal brand fully integrated with business brand


Developed online booking and payment system for a full range of readings & offers


Setup an online newsletter with collection directly from website with an automated welcome email

“When I made the decision to expand my small but steady word-of-mouth business, I knew it was time to invest in myself with a professional website. I had no idea where to start or who to trust.

I spent weeks researching platforms that I could use to create my own site. I had multiple conference calls with various web designers to learn what they had to offer. I quickly learned that not only did I need a professional designer, I needed it to be someone I trusted and connected with.

Lucky for me a new associate mentioned a woman she had worked with who created her website and ‘brand.’ I checked it out, nice site! I called the designer, Lacey Jayne.

We set up a consultation meeting over zoom. That meeting was incredibly informative. Lacey is organized and she listens. During our meeting she took copious notes as she asked questions and expanded on ideas and concepts I was talking about, explaining how ‘that’ would look and feel on line.

The next day I received what Lacey called my ‘Marketing Stack.’ This shared document outlined, step by step, every action and time-line needed from her, and from me, in order to begin, build and complete this site. This was brilliance in action!

We met almost weekly via zoom to go over the marketing stack and tick off, or double down on, what was needed (mostly from me:). Lacey also showed me how the site was coming, the additions she’d put in, edits and updates we’d agreed on in the past meeting. I thoroughly enjoyed these meetings.

Lacey presented me with some amazing logo options and with each one she explained the ‘why’ of the logo and how it spoke to the vibe I wanted to share through my site. Lacey has an intuitive sense about her that allows her to really ‘feel’ into your ideas. To me this quality is priceless.

As we worked through our zoom meetings I learned sooo freaking much about various platforms, algorithms, SEO, branding, blogging and more.

Lacey explained everything she was doing and specific ways I could capitalize on everything I was, and would be, creating. She literally held my hand and set up templates for me within my newsletter platform and taught me how to add and edit in the background of my site.

Not only did I get the website I’d dreamt of, I gained a whole lot of confidence about using my website with other social media platforms to draw traffic to my site, ultimately drawing business.

I made the right decision when I hired Lacey. It was an absolute joy working with her and I’m thrilled with my website and brand. If you need anything-website, choose Lacey Jayne at Highly Anticipated.”

Kaye Ashbridge, NV