The Clear Kind and Bold Framework

Jun 6, 2024 | Podcast

There isn’t a part of my life, from my friendships, marriage, parenting, business, marketing that the clear, kind, and bold framework hasn’t dramatically improved.

Welcome to the very first episode of Clear, Kind and Bold Podcast! I’m your host, Lacey, and I’m beyond excited to embark on this journey with you. This podcast is dedicated to helping you build a business that not only thrives but also makes a real difference in the world.

We’ll be diving into the heart of communication, exploring how to connect with your audience authentically, and sharing strategies to market your business with purpose.

Today’s episode is a special one because it lays the foundation for everything we’ll be discussing in the weeks and months to come. It’s about a framework that changed my life: Clear, Kind, and Bold.

This framework emerged during one of the most challenging chapters of my life. My son was facing a personal mental health crisis, he was in residential treatment, and I found myself balancing the demands of motherhood, therapy, healing, and running my own business.

I was so shattered by the fear of losing my kid, the pain really broke me open to how much I feel. It was an overwhelming time, but in the midst of the chaos, I discovered something profound. And, I’m happy to report that my son is doing a lot better today, and has given me permission to share my part in his journey, as he speaks so eloquently and easily about his own now.

I realized that the way we communicate – with ourselves, our loved ones, and our clients – can either create more chaos or foster deep connection and healing. It can sometimes have a lot to do with how we are personally confronting challenges and doing the hard thing. And so, Clear, Kind, and Bold was born.

So, let’s unpack the clear, kind, and bold framework; but the general opportunity this framework provides whenever you are challenged, called out, embarrassed, or uninspired, is, how can I be more clear, kind, and bold? Right here, right in this moment, right with this struggle.

Clear, Kind, and Bold is a framework of communication but it also takes on so much more meaning with whatever we throw at it. In this podcast, I’ll mostly stick to this framework as applied to marketing and communication. But, I will absolutely share candidly about my own struggles and how the clear, kind, and bold framework helps me with inspired action.

So, we’ll start with clear or clarity.

Clarity is the foundation of effective communication. It’s about understanding your own needs, values, and emotions, and expressing them in a way that others can truly understand. If you read any book on negotiation or sales, or nonviolent communication or modern manifestation techniques, it starts with methods of finding clarity.

Side note, I’ve noticed that the ability to find clarity is heavily dependent on the ability to self-soothe, self-reflect, your mental health and physical health. The average human’s response to stress and the neurological rewiring that happens when a person is in stress makes a lot of types of reasoning required to find clarity, the stress response takes those abilities offline, if you will.

I’ll also share, that having ADHD and being a complete over-thinker with a stellium in Virgo makes it abundantly clear that there is a level of effort that has to go into my wellness and health that needs to happen in order to think clearly and not only have creative thoughts but be able to get to a point of clarity with my communication.

Something my Dad did when I was a little girl that was so challenging and also so helpful was, when I was super excited about something to my dad and I’d go unload a verbal dump trunk of nonsense, he would say, ‘Stop! When you’re able to tell me what you want to say in one sentence, then tell me.’ Diabolical.

In business, clarity is the guiding light that illuminates your path. It helps you define your mission, articulate your unique value proposition, and craft messaging that resonates deeply with your audience.

Clarity is an intense step in the manifestation process. It’s the ‘seeing’ to believe. I’ve been in this business for 10 years and am accumulating some wild stories of people being able to see themselves in a future and then creating the look of what they want and how branding creates an instant manifestation. As someone who is super interested in the Law of Attraction and manifestation, I’ve noticed a common theme of finding clarity as an early step in getting what you want.

Without a way to tie your actions to a community, it’s really hard to find satisfaction in life. Think of community and anywhere you share ideas and feelings. Where you can be known. But, living in a community without the boundaries, morals, and values is a very scary place to be. We really need people in this world to live by a moral code and people who return the shopping carts and don’t kill others. But, we also need to be known for our morals and values and operate within the rules of our society.

Kindness: This isn’t about being a pushover or sugar coating things. It’s about genuine empathy, compassion, and respect for both yourself and others. Kindness in business means building relationships based on trust, understanding, and mutual support. It’s about treating your clients and colleagues like valued partners in your journey. It means holding yourself to an even higher standard than professional oversight would even require, because that’s the greatest expression of you living in alignment with your values.

Kindness is often spoken of as a set of legal laws, the commandments, or other rules of life to a religion or a country, but in addition to those rules of kindness or ways to act in our communities, we can build our own on top that that reflects our values. For me kindness means an added level of patience for people. It also means loving the freedom of others. These are reflections of my personal values and are in addition to what is expected of me as a friend, US citizen, business owner, or any other title.

Boldness: This is the spark that ignites your message and sets you apart. It’s about having the courage to show up authentically, share your unique perspective, and take risks.

A client, Kari O’Neill has a list of 5 Things she wants people to know and on that list is ‘say the whole thing’. This is in many ways the roadmap to intimate conversations and great inspiration for content creation.

Boldness in this way has transformed my relationships and has made me a whole lot better of a copywriter. I was at the wrong-end of a misunderstanding, and when I’ve been able to take a deep breath and say the whole thing, including feelings of shame or protectiveness, I am flabbergasted by how many times people are able to go deep and emotionally raw and create a healing conversation. I have so many of these stories now, I get a little excited to fess up to something, or state my view, or express a counterview.

In business, boldness is about being willing to challenge the status quo, experiment with new ideas, and speak your truth, even when it feels uncomfortable.

Deloitte is a consulting firm to big businesses and idea’s; and they have a reputation for being successful and very bold. Deloitte’s motto, “Say what no one else in the room is saying,” encapsulates the firm’s commitment to providing clients with candid and insightful advice.

It reflects Deloitte’s belief that true value comes from challenging the status quo and offering fresh perspectives, even if those perspectives are unpopular or unconventional. By encouraging its professionals to speak up and share their honest opinions, Deloitte aims to help clients make better-informed decisions and achieve lasting success.

In communication’s you have to speak up, make the website, put your ideas out there, talk at the conference. Record the podcast.

So that’s a little preview of the clear, kind and bold framework. Improving your clarity kindness and boldness can deeply improve your life and your work. By communicating with clarity, kindness, and boldness, you can:
Attract really great clients: Those who truly resonate with your values and mission.
Build a Loyal Community: Foster a sense of belonging and connection around your brand.
Amplify Your Impact: Ensure your message reaches the people who need it most.

In future episodes, we’ll dive deeper into each of these principles, exploring practical strategies for integrating them into your marketing, customer service, and overall business strategy. We’ll have inspiring interviews with entrepreneurs who are using this framework to make a real difference in the world.

If you’re ready to create a business that’s both successful and meaningful, I invite you to join me on this journey. Share your thoughts on this episode in the comments, connect with me on social media, and get ready to transform your communication and your business.
In this episode, we will discuss the Clear, Kind, and Bold framework for effective communication. We’ll explore how clarity, kindness, and boldness can help us create more meaningful connections with ourselves, our loved ones, and our clients. We’ll also discuss the importance of finding clarity, the role of kindness in business, and the power of boldness in challenging the status quo.