Highly Anticipated’s

Year-long Marketing Development

Technical and Design Support to Make Your Business Grow

What is Highly Anticipated’s Year-long Marketing Development?

Year-long Marketing Development is a 12-month, one-on-one branding, website, and marketing collaboration that builds a foundation for business to present your services to the amazing people you care about most.

Whether you’re new to business or established and ready to refine and grow, Year-long Marketing Development will challenge and support you to present your business at a new level. It’s designed to establish your business within your industry using design and online marketing.


Look professional - but not overly "salesy"


Establish an online pressense


Have clients find you -- and hire you!

How does Highly Anticipated’s Year-long Marketing Development work?

Most importantly, the year-long collaboration is self-paced, which means we grow at the level you are comfortable with. During the journey, it’s reasonable to expect a logo design and a bare-bones website within the first three-months. The following nine months are used to grow and refine the content and establish your business as an authority on the web. This is a program tailored to you with my skills as a designer & strategist .

Seattle Law Firm
brand + web design

The Burnout Coach
brand + web design

Coach for Working Parents
brand + web design

Luxury Real Estate
brand + web design

Pediatric Chiropractor
brand + web design

Creator of ‘The CALM Method’
brand + web design

Hi, I'm Lacey

Hi, I'm Lacey

Designer & Strategist

I’ve been creating brand design and websites through Highly Anticipated for the last 6+ years. Helping dozens of professionals build thier own thing. Digital marketing doesn’t need to be overly complicated, so this program is all about doing the basics– positioning you to find the right clients online.

Let’s talk cost:

Year-long Marketing Development is offered at $5100 ($5000 if paid up front)

$1500 setup & $300/month for 12-months

What’s not included:

  • Your websites domain, hosting, SSL certificate, all third party paid plugins or services such as Mailchimp, Canva, or Vimeo.
  • Custom photography: You’ll want to get an up-to-date headshot at the very least, and perhaps even a branding photography session that captures you in your element.
  • On-going Social Media Graphics and posting – during the branding process, you’ll get social media templates that you can use specific to your brand and marketing strategy. You can hire a virtual assistant, or I can teach you how to edit these templates.
  • Online courses, membership websites, and e-commerce functionality are separate from this program and will need to be quoted and paid for separately.

What people are saying about working with me

Helped me create a sales system for my business!

Lacey is so much more than a web designer, she really helped me create a sales system for my business. She delivers on time and is an important part of my team! I would never be “this far” without her expertise, professional eye, and support through the branding process. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!

Ryan Lanier, organizing4good.com

Fabulous Work!

She explained everything well, answered all of my questions and did fabulous work!

Betty Hedrick, hedrickco.com

What the program could look like:

Note: Every business is unique, to map out an outline of what your year could look like, and the marketing activities we’ll focus on, please schedule an introductory call.

Goal: Establish a business in an industry connecting with wonderful clients who see your value and are ready to work together.

Month 1: Branding + Content

Month 2: Website Content Development

Month 3: Website Design

Month 4: Launching + referral generating marketing

Month 5: Getting established online

Month 6: Lead nurturing

Month 7: Getting Social + PR

Month 8: Generating Testimonials

Month 9: Email Newsletter Planning

Month 10: SEO + Content Review

Month 11: FAQs + Client Onboarding

Month 12: Yearly marketing planning


I already have a business, but I want a redesign. Am I still eligible for marketing development?

Yes! It’s not uncommon to start a business but not feel like your marketing foundation is solid. This year long journey will change that. We’ll go over the gaps and refine where necessary. Plus, you have the added advantage of knowing more about your clients and the value of your services.

What if I want to quit before the year is up?

I understand there are many reasons (and not all bad) for wanting a shorter term; like perhaps you’ve got so many clients you don’t know what to do with. I ask that you commit financially for twelve months. Much of the work on my part is done upfront, so the monthly payments are a way for you to spread the cost out over time.

Can I do this program if I want to start a blog?

Yes! How you make money from a blog will be slightly different than selling a service, but we can customize the year long journey to support you in creating your blog. Please reach out for a customized quote.

Do you only design WordPress websites?

No! While WordPress is my go-to, I have designed using website builders like Wix and Squarespace. If you have a preference in using another website builder, we should discuss your goals to make sure that is the right solutions for you.

Ready to start marketing your business online?