Jan 17, 2018 | Branding, Resources

The 8 Archetypes of Branding

Innovation – Captures the imagination of the unknown. Great for attracting clients with FOMO (fear of missing out). It’s also a promise to stay new and fresh.

Craftsmanship – Celebrates history and culture. The opposite of innovation, craftsmanship connects the client to the process through storytelling. Craftsmanship is about looking to the past to bring back something great to our modern and forgetful culture.

Minimalism – Minimalism is to thoroughly curate in order to deliver something pure and simple. Ideal for services that have a way of making the complex more clear. Thoughtfully presenting only the essential.

Luxury – Careful dedication to all of the clients five senses; sight, touch, smell, sound, and taste. Luxury is the full exploration of delighting and caring for a person. All-inclusive experiences that honor every detail.

Rebel – Exciting passion and change in a person. Rebel brands inspire or motivate a person to take action, challenging the status quo. This is the brand archetype of gyms, coaches, churches, and non-profits because a person will change their current behavior in order to find freedom from the past, even if the behavioral change is uncomfortable.

Tradition – Soothes clients anxieties in professions of rapid and unstable change that a brand is reliable and dependable based on past performance or seniority. Tradition brands make an impact when they can articulate the longevity of its work and safety in reputation.

Community – Rallying a group of people around a central cause. Community brands can be profitable too, it is important to communicate that money invested in a community brand support something larger, and show exactly what the contribution contributes.

Exclusive – Having something special, that not everyone has privilege too. Exclusive brands recognize a part of a client’s feature and use it to do bring them into a “club” because of the feature they have. Money is a feature, status, living arrangements, intelligence and professional level are also features for exclusive recognition.