Ideal Client

'Talk' to a specific person

Unlike general marketing messages aimed at appealing to everyone, highly targeted marketing messages position you as the only choice, not just another choice. To make your ideal clients feels like you’re talking right to them, you “get” them, and your service was created just for them, you first must have a crystal clear under standing of exactly who you are marketing to.

Let me tell you a story.

I went to a fancy public high school that it’s own radio station in the center of it.

I always thought it was kind of neat, and wanted to scope it out. Well, my friend, Aya, took a the radio class during the summer and invited me into the radio recording room. I saw taped up on top of the bazillion controls and picture of girl our age, but she didn’t go to the school.

“Who’s that?” I ask.

“That’s our listener!” Aya replied. “We were taught that our radio voice changes when we talk to a who we imagine to our listener, instead of just in the booth talking at a microphone.”

Business owners, you are way more impactful when you have a clear vision of who you are talking to.

Ready to make progress in marketing your business?

Working together one-on-one we can accomplish a lot within two hours. I bring to you my brand experience, design tools and website skills to work through business development, trouble-shooting a sales page, or mapping out social media.

Steps to Grow a Business

  1. Values
  2. Mission
  3. Service List
  4. Social Proof
  5. Ideal Client
  6. Moodboard
  7. Color Codes
  8. Branding Assets (logos)
  9. Fonts
  10. Image Library
  11. Domain
  12. Branded Email Address
  13. Google Business Profile
  14. Request for reviews email template
  15. Reviews
  16. Calendar Scheduling
  17. Client Onboarding
  18. Billing
  19. Basic Website
  20. Homepage
  21. About page
  22. Services page
  23. Contact page
  24. Email Newsletter List
  25. Email Opt-in
  26. Business Cards
  27. Brochure
  28. Blog
  29. Landing Pages for Each Service
  30. Rain Making Email Template
  31. Referral Response Email Template
  32. Social Media Content Scheduler
  33. Facebook Business
  34. Instagram
  35. Linkedin Personal
  36. Linkedin Business
  37. Pinterest
  38. YouTube
  39. TikTok
  40. Twitter
  41. Social Media Landing Page
  42. SEO Audit
  43. Sales funnels for each service
  44. PR Plan
  45. Advertising